Alpina Dresser

Wooden chest of drawer handmade with mahogany wood. Strong and durable furniture for your bedroom, complete with 3 large drawers and 2 small drawers on top. Feature colonial style with a simple traditional design.

Capitan Dresser

An ideal storage furniture for the bedroom. Capitan dresser is a Short dresser with 6 large drawers in wooden rail, which bring the traditional elegance and modern functionality. Crafted in mahogany wood from Indonesia.

Sheryl Chest

French style of Chest, crafted in mahogany wood with dark colour. NC top coat ensure the lifetime of the furniture will be durable. Shell handles accessories adds the colonial impressions on this cabinet.

Guano Dresser

Inspired by the shape of a bowl, Guano dresser created with its function as a storage. Colonial dresser constructed in mahogany wood complete with 6 drawers. Suitable to be placed in bedroom which has a small size.

Almose Dresser

Almose dresser representing simple colonial dresser which feature flat feet so the furniture will be touch the floor overall and it will be durable and strong. Ideal to combined with other wooden furniture in your bedroom.

Rosella Dresser

If many storage required, you may use Rosella dresser. Tall dresser with 6 large drawers. Available in mahogany wood with yellowish brown color that show the gradation color or mahogany. Perfect piece to complete your bedroom.

Stefania Dresser

Constructed in mahogany wood with reddish brown colour. Pillard ornament makes the wooden dresser looks unique. 3 large drawers and 2 small drawers as complement with an antique color of ‘shell’ accessories.

Marinka Chest Of Drawer

Beautiful stuff for lovely home. Marinka dresser featured french style furniture with 2 large drawers. Mahogany furniture from Indonesia, manufactured by Wisanka. Help you to fill the empty space in your room.


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